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Our company DAMBALINE has been specialising since 2006 in the import and distribution of thatched structures. These structures lay on a unique DIY concept, based on natural and synthetic thatched tiles, imported directly from the leading manufacturer in South Africa.

That exclusive range is sold in France and french speaking countries, through a network of specialised outlets, under our Casa-Africa trademark.

In view of the great success of these exotic structures, we then added to our collection, a range of eucalyptus laths fences, treated Tanalith E to resist any climates. We are proud to be the sole importer of that range in Europe, to bring quality, originality and nature in this market.  

Because the sales of all our eucalyptus laths products have developped so quickly and to answer the demand of our customers for exotic decoration, we have decided in 2015 to launch a new trademark IMPALA LODGE to offer more products in that natural and ethnical line, indoor and outdoor. To follow...